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STROWLERS | A fantasy-based, shared cinematic experience. | About

About Strowlers

Strowlers is a fantasy TV series distributed by The Fantasy Network. Learn about the people behind the show.
Enter the alternate reality of the Strowlers, where magic is real, but if you have it you must either register or resist. This worldwide collaborative storytelling project illuminates the secrets of the three factions who fight for control of magic beneath the surface of our mundane daily lives: the Arcanologists, the [spoilers!], and the Strowlers.

Strowlers Cast

Tanesha Ross


Trin Miller


Lisa Coronado


Erwin Galan

Lucas Rodrigo

Claudine Mboligikpelani Nako


G Valmont Thomas


JC Brazil


Christian Doyle

Strowlers Crew

Strowlers is a fantasy TV series by The Fantasy Network. Learn about the people behind the show.
Strowlers was originally created by Zombie Orpheus Entertainment, the company behind JourneyQuest, The Gamers, and Dark Dungeons. The team has been breathing life into Strowlers for almost a decade.
  • Ben Dobyns – Creator and Executive Producer
  • Satryos Phil Brucato – Lead World Design
  • Samara Lerman – Creative Producer
  • Lindy Boustedt – Producer
  • L. Gabriel Gonda – Supervising Director
  • Ibba Armancas – Writer
  • Elizabeth Heffron – Writer
  • Nicole Pouchet – Writer
  • Amanda “Q” Quinn – Production Designer
  • Abie Eke – Story Team
  • Lisa Coronado – Story Team
  • Heather Conti – Story Team
  • Kris Boustedt – Editor
  • Sam Graydon – Cinematographer
  • James Herbert – Executive Producer
  • Brad Roberts – Executive Producer
  • Elizabeth Heile – Executive Producer
  • Amalia Rubin – Producer, Mongolia
  • Tsengel Davaasambuu – Line Producer, Mongolia
  • Brendon Williams – Composer
  • SJ Tucker – Songwriter