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A Shared Cinematic Universe

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Exploring Reality Through Fantasy

STROWLERS invites you to Tell Your Story! A shared cinematic universe with an open license, this modern world urban fantasy explores the adventures of the people creating culture and surviving on the fringes.

Because who better to experience the magic and danger of a magical world hiding just beyond our perception than the people who are already paying attention?

A Shared Cinematic Universe

Released under a license similar to Creative Commons, the heart of STROWLERS is an open wiki containing a brief history of the world, the rules for how the world works, and a style guide. Fans and professionals alike are invited to create and distribute short films, novels, plays, and art set in the world.

View the entire license at scu.la/strowlers, then start telling your story!

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We want you to tell stories of the fantastic that are set where you live: whether fantasy, sci-fi, horror, or beyond, the possibilities are limitless. Have an idea? Get in touch with us!

What’s a Strowler?

Strowlers create their own reality. They don’t conform to the rigid, arbitrary rules of society. That can come out through chosen lifestyles, career choices, and fashion; but the internal need and vibe of freedom from the mundane is what truly sets a Strowler apart from the rest.

Nicole Pouchet - Screenwriter

A Strowler is an outsider yes, but one who finds their people. And together they create a like minded community who support each other and push each other to be brave, take risks and go after their dreams. They buck convention in favor of something bigger, something that gives voice to the underdogs, the minorities, the underrepresented. They have huge hearts and the balls to use them to effect change.

Lisa Coronado - Actor

We’re the people who create our own culture and community. Other people’s definitions aren’t good enough for us: we know who we are, we look out for each other, and we tell stories that could change the world.

Ben Dobyns - Showrunner